The Best iPhone Apps in 2020

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There are thousands of apps on the iOS platform. It is hard for a person to find the best apps. If you are struggling to find the best app, we will list the apps in this article for you.

Best iPhone Communication Apps

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger is one of the best apps that you will find on iOS. Chances are almost everyone you know is on Facebook. so getting this app will help when it comes to massages. The messenger has a lot of cool features that you will find useful. This messenger has audio calling and video chatting with AR masks, as well as stickers. You can download the app for free.


Gmail is an excellent communication tool especially when it comes to business communication. This app lets you undo sending in five seconds. Gmail will make your whole mail system easy to manage. It is fast and easy to use.


You only require a username when using this app. Other like apps new online casino app require you to show your mobile number. You can do a group chat, you can share photos and video sharing, as well as play games on this app.

iPhone Education Apps


The app helps you learn American sign language. The app uses videos to teach the alphabet, phrases as well as some words that are useful. It will also sho9w you the gestures that go with the signs. The app is free but there is added material that you can access for a small fee or you can get everything on the app for $9.99

Duolingo Duolingo is a free language learning app. real money online casino app and Duolingo are one of the best apps that provides language learning. You can make your next lessons available offline with this app.


The app teaches you writing, listening, speaking, reading, and maths. The app is free but you will have to subscribe to it per year. It will cost you $39.99 per year



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