The power of parylene coating

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When manufacturers are looking for ways to send off their products, they want to find coating options that protect against damaging factors as effectively as possible. While parylene emerged in 1950, it remains a top option for engineers and manufacturers for its unparalleled capabilities. Here is all you need to know about the power of parylene.

Consistent Protection Effectiveness

Parylene, a kind of crystalline polymer, is one of the most protective coatings for electronics and metals available. The coating flexibility allows for full coverage over all shapes, sizes, and edges of technological devices. Parylene is so strong that it is a top choice for protecting critical electronics such as those created for Aerospace and Medical industries. In addition to its durability, parylene also offers protection against environmental hazards like chemicals, temperature changes, fungus, and moisture.

Parylene Coating and the World

You can see parylene coating on anything from lights to circuit boards. Many industries rely heavily on parylene, including gas and oil, construction, and the medical sector. Even if you are not directly involved with businesses or organizations that use parylene coating, the products coated in parylene, undoubtedly affect you in some way or another. Read more whether you need medical equipment to treat an injury or want to tune into the latest music device, there is a strong chance that parylene was part of the process that moved these products from the drawing board to you.

The Benefits of Dry Film Coating

Parylene also acts as a lubricant which rids the need for liquid release agents. Between this and the lightweight film, coverage is pinhole-free. Dry friction problems are also eliminated because of the heavy dry film coating. Parylene also serves to isolate moisture and chemicals, mechanical protection, and consolidation of surfaces to deflect flaking and dusting.

The Top Coverage

While coatings cannot protect technology 100%, parylene still offers engineers the kind of protection that outlasts alternatives. By minimizing the liabilities involved, parylene is a vital source for engineers looking to protect  and send off their technologies without fear of damage or destruction. This is a top choice for engineers because of the elaborate protection, resistance to adverse temperatures, and lack of liability to manufacturers.

Parylene is designed completely unlike other coating alternatives based on its process of particle-level deposition. When this process occurs, the technology’s vapor can move inside even the tiniest amount of space in a device. Coating small areas is a difficult accomplishment for most alternatives available on the market, explaining why parylene truly stands out as one of, if not the best, coating agents.

Stick to the Best

If you believe that liquid conformal coating liquid is a reasonable alternative to parylene, you haven’t done your research. Liquid options are notorious for gathering in places that dip into the device. Liquid coating alternatives compromise the coating presence available at the elevated areas on the equipment. If you want to avoid the consequences of bubbling, cracking, and general damage, stick to parylene instead—it’s the best



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