What Is A Cat5e Cable And What Is It Used For?

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The primary purpose of an Ethernet device is to ensure that you have a working internet connection. Just like the variance in connection bandwidth and speed, there are also different Ethernet cables.

The modern networking standards have developed designs that might be difficult to understand, so you are not alone if you find yourself stranded on the best cable for you.

What Is A Cat5e Cable?

Cat5e is short for category 5e, which is one of the category 5 designs. Cat5e cable is an Ethernet cable with four twisted pairs of copper wires. The Ethernet cable also comes with RJ45 connectors enabling it to support frequencies of 350MHz. Also, you can use this cable for data, video, direct networking, ATM, token ring, and voice.

Cat5e Cable Features and Applications

Solid Cat5e cables are commonly used for fixed situations and support long runs making them the best for buildings, offices, and homes. On the other hand, the stranded cables are suited for short distances and are more pliable and are suitable for crossover and patch cables.

The Plenum Cat5e Cable-

The cable was developed regarding the Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association (EIA/TIA) standards of 1985 to serve in plenums to support airflow. Specifically, the standards require the insulation on these cables to be low-smoke, fire retardant, and low toxicity.

The fact that plenums are suitable for running cables also makes them conducive to the spread of fires and hence the need to ensure that the cables do not exacerbate the situation in case it arises.

The Riser Cat5e Cables-

Just like the plenum cables, the riser cables are also manufactured in adherence to strict industry standards to ensure that they don’t contribute to the distribution of smoke, toxicity, or fire.

These cables are suitable for floor to floor installation and are coated to resist fumes and burning. The riser cables are commonly used for security networking, voice, and data with solid copper conductors arranged in four different colors for easy identification.

The Outdoor Cable-

This type of Ethernet outdoor cable could deteriorate rapidly when exposed to the different atmospheric elements. Therefore, plastic is coated to provide ultimate protection from moisture and temperatures that could affect the cable’s durability and performance.

You will also find some UV rated outdoor cables meaning that they are protected from ultraviolet radiation, mostly from PVC material. The direct burial Cat5e cable is made to withstand cold weather and extreme heat.

Shielded Cat5e Ethernet Cable-Shielding has been one of the best ways to prevent signal loss and interference. Therefore, with shielded cables, you can connect to the internet, even in places experiencing electromagnetic interference and crosstalk from close high power equipment, power cables, or RF equipment.

Cat5e cables are an improvement of the cat five cables that give you more speed and use. Besides, the cable is 100% copper that enhances its quality in all weather. These are some of the considerations you should make when purchasing an Ethernet cable to ensure that you avoid network downtime.



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