Best Games to Play on Your Chromebook in 2021

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The Chromebook is becoming a more and more capable laptop alternative. It now has access to a multitude of software and games that were previously impossible due to increased convergence functionality with both Linux and Android.

However, for the purposes of this list, we have opted to concentrate on the best games that can be played natively on a Chromebook in 2021. Since every Chromebook released since 2017 now has native Android capabilities, we have added playable Android bestaustraliancasinosites online casino games as well. We want to reflect what the majority of Chromebook users will get right now.

Game Dev Tycoon (Android)

Game Dev Tycoon is a fun management game in which you control a game company. It’s been around since 2012, and its success is demonstrated by the fact that it’s now available on PC, tablet, and Nintendo Switch.

Assemble a talented team of developers, set up shop in a new location, and set out to become the world’s greatest gaming studio! There’s also a good story arc, as you begin the game in a 1980s garage before advancing through the eras and the latest developments they offer.

Google Stadia

Although it isn’t a game in and of itself, Google’s cloud gaming platform allows you to play games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and PUBG on your Chromebook. Stadia operates by downloading blackjack en ligne games from Google’s servers and then beaming them to your Chromebook in high-definition (4K) format. If your Internet access is fast enough, the gap between streaming the game and using real hardware should be small. Simply open your Chrome window and navigate to the Stadia website.

Another interesting thing is that you can now try Stadia Pro for a month for free, giving you access to a cool little library of games to try.



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