Tech Gadgets That Became Redundant Before Hitting the Market

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The online casino industry including gamblingmentor are strongly linked to the tech world. As the tech world gets better, the gaming gets better as well. Therefore, real money gamers celebrate tech inventions more than anyone else. But, we are not fond of not all the tech gadgets. While they may seem like fun tech gadgets, they do not have anything new to offer and will not be worth the money.

Robot Shaped MP3 Player

The Soundwave mp3 player seems like a fun way of getting your groove on. How fun is it to have a tape player that changes into a robot Transformer style? Takara, a toy company in Japan decided to make the mp3 player in commemoration of the Transformers character, Soundwave. Although it may have been a good idea, the market did not take it well. And, this may have been due to the iPod hype at the time of its release in 2007.

Radio Newspaper

This idea was first introduced back in 1939. And, it seems like quite a convenient way of getting your paper considering that you would not have to go out for the paper, it would be delivered to you by a device in your home. The device would go on to print, cut and fold the paper for you in your home at a rate of 15 minutes for each paper. But, that just seemed like a lot of work and time for a paper. However, this may have been what triggered the invention of the Fax Machine later on.

Wink Glasses

Wink glasses were made to try and manage your blinking rate. This could have been a good idea for best real money casinos gamers considering that you would be engrossed on your screens most of the time. This could at least help avoid straining or damaging your eyes in the long run. But, at US$377 the glasses were overpriced and therefore did not become as popular.



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