Why Do You Need CART Services?

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Persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing have the right to have equal access to information and other forms of content in the same way that people who can hear can access all types of content. Providing more access to content and information for people with hearing difficulties is a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other regulations that broadcasters and media content creators must follow. Captions, for instance, give them easier access and comprehension.

Real-time captions

Some occasions call for live captioning, and many providers offer CART services or Communication Access Real-time Translation. The service is primarily for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, and is usually used in place of or in combination with sign language services. The CART writer immediately converts the spoken words into written text in real-time captioning. However, the service becomes smoother, faster, intuitive, and more accurate with artificial intelligence (AI) into the software. With advancements in the development of artificial intelligence, AI CART captions are perfect for virtual meetings.

Using CART services

Planning a live event involves a lot of work. There are many factors to consider, from the theme to the guest list, speakers, venue, catering, and sound system. Still, many organizers often forget that there could be participants with special needs, such as persons with hearing impairment. Accessibility to information is essential today, and offering CART services allows all participants to enjoy and understand the event.

Here are the primary benefits of CART services:

  • Accessibility –  In the past, people who had hearing difficulties could not attend live events because they could not hear what the speakers were saying. Today, CART services can help the audience understand and enjoy the live event through real-time captions.
  • Comprehension – If you have attended a conference or lecture, or have visited a movie theater, then you might have experienced someone seated near you asking for clarification of what the speaker or actor said. Some people speak with an accent, or their voice is guttural that only those who are used to them can understand what they are saying. Instead of missing points in the presentation, real-time captions created by a CART writer allow all participants, with or without hearing difficulties, to read the text version of the ongoing speech. CART captions eliminate chatter while the presentation is ongoing. Simultaneously, the real-time captions improve comprehension
  • Language comprehension – While people may speak English, you cannot expect that all of them are fluent in the language. For example, English speakers in the United States are from different cultures, so the way they speak may be colored by their native languages. In addition, their oral vocabulary may not be extensive. Captions can help them understand spoken English better and remove the anxiety of not understanding everything the speaker says.
  • Availability of transcripts – CART captions extend the event’s effectiveness, such as lectures and training sessions, as transcripts of the captions will be available afterward. It gives you a written record of the presentations. Likewise, you can duplicate the transcripts and provide each participant with a copy. You can even use the transcript to reference your next event.

CART services provide you with several benefits and make it easier to comply with regulations. At the same time, it increases your target audience. If you have a live event, making it accessible to all audiences can help attract more people to attend.



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