7 Awesome HTML5 Interactive Websites

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The web technologies are evolving in a staggering pace. Looking back to few years ago, flash was the one dominating the interactive and animation websites, but now, flash is slowly being phase out and taking over by more SEO friendly and robust HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. By taking the advantage of fast computing system and high speed Internet, complicated and smooth animation able to be achieve easily.

Here in this post, we have 7 Awesome HTML5 websites that will blow you away. The one we really like is Cut The Rope, and it’s fully supported by IE10! The restart page is a very cool idea, ar…, those good Ol’ day.

  • Intacto10 Years A work that shows a decade of history of a digital agency through a digital universe trip. Intacto10 Years
  • The Restart Page Good Ol’ Memory, the restart page of all legacy OSes. The Restart Page
  • Cut The Rope A famous iOS game being ported to browser! Cut The Rope
  • All is not lost A MTV made with HTML5. All is not lost
  • Evolution of Web An interactive infographic timeline to show the evolution of browsers and web technologies. Evolution of Web
  • Draw a Stickman A story based website, starting with drawing your own character. Interactive and creative. Draw a Stickman
  • Future of Car Sharing Another inforgraphic with interactive data and subtle animations all around the website. Future of Car Sharing



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