23 iOS Interface Inspirations

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The growth of iOS development is growing in a staggering speed, in just a few years, Apple iOS dominated the mobile and tablet industry with its iPhone and iPad. It’s a global trend, the request of iOS apps increases and there are more and more campaign runs on mobile platform. Of cause, the rise of Android has made it even more interesting as well.

It’s really inspirational to see how those talented designers able to do and think creatively in iOS interface design. How they manage to utilize the small screen effectively with all the essential UI components and in the same time spice it up with amazing design and user experience.

We have gathered 23 really nice looking iOS interface from dribbble to stimulate your design instinct. I don’t think this post is limited to iOS designers only, looking at those UI elements, it’s actually look pretty good on a normal webpage as well.

If you want more about UI component, check out our UI Kits Repository.



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