45 iPad iOS Interface Showcase

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Apple released the new ipad few weeks ago and within a week, it reached 3 million sales! That’s a staggering amount of iPad being sold. With such a huge consumer based, it’s no brainer to say that the iOS apps demand will certainly increase dramatically. However, there are already over 500,000 apps (and still counting) in Apple appstore, your newly built app can be buried in it! If you have brilliant ideas, you will need an awesome user interface! People will talk about it, other would showcase it, and your app will gain popularity! Of course, prodived the functionality and features of the app is useful as well.

Attractive interface gives your potential customer a good impression and you will able to stay competitive among the rest of the apps. Here we have 45 iPad iOS interface showcase, each has its own unique UI and give different kind of impression and user experience.



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