UI Kits and Other Free PSD Resources for Building Infographics

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of the time, I found that a complex idea can be comprehend far more effectively with drawing/images. Infographic is a good example. Infographic is a graphic representation of data, information and or knowledge and it’s a great method to represent your finding of data and show them to your target audience.

There are thousands of infographic out there, if you have a set of data but lack of design and images to help you, this post is written just for you. We have gathered the best online resources to help you to build one. We finally have total of 3 vector infographic UI kits plus a few more PSD to assist you in that area.

If you’re seeking some advice on how to create your own infographic, you can read this: How to design your own infographic

Infographic UI Kit

    • Infographic Vector Kit from Mightdeals

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      Free download: Infographic Vector Kit

    • Vector Infographic Kit rom MediaLoot

      A comprehensive vector infographic kit. You can start making a professional infographic with this kit!

      Free Vector Infographic Kit

    • Free Infographics from DesignModo

      Mostly infographics can be designed for financial companies, for presentations, meetings, or just for personal inspiration. A good data visualization design should be both different as well as easy to understand. Information graphics are the best way if you want to present your data in cool style, so today we present a free template of infographics

      Free Infographics to Download

Other Resouces

Beside of vector UI kits, we also collected a few worth mentioned PSD files that would inspire you to create some infogrophic UI elements on your own as well. We have some icons, maps, graph/chart and markers which is free to be downloaded and you can use it instantly.


Instead of using a lot of descriptive text, you can replace it with icons to convey the same message that you’re trying to deliver. It will make your infographic more visually pleasant. Selecting a right one is very important so we have a list of comprehensive icon sets for you.


Map is one of the common visual you would see in most infographic. Depend on what kind of data, you can use these free vector maps to pin point the location around the globe.


This will work well with the map, you can use this beautiful icon to pin point the right location.


Graph is an inevitable infographic visual if you have large amount of data. It’s easier to comprehend by reader if you convert raw data to graph or chart.



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