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Russia’s Upside Down House Defies Gravity

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The All-Russian Exhibition Center built an upside-down house as a tourist attraction in Moscow. Everything within the home is upside down. Familiar household items and items of furniture hang overhead, the ceiling is under your feet, while the entire house stands at an angle. The visitors can tour the home and feel like they’re defying…

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Artist Greg Brotherton creates meticulously detailed sculpture by using steel, wood, glass, concrete and unusual found objects. In 1987, after receiving a degree in graphic design, Greg set off for California. Over the next two decades, he forged a successful career as an award-winning commercial artist, while honing his skills as a sculptor. Every of his creation below…

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Creative Swing Table

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Swing table designed by Christopher from Duffy London design studio.  he is a design graduate from the University of Brighton made his humble beginning creating products in his kitchen. Having grown out of the kitchen a long time ago, Duffy London now perform their furniture-making wizardry in a spacious studio in east London. He has an creative…

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Impressive Boxetti Collection

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     Rolands Landsbergs is the designer of  Boxetti collection that will blow your mind.  Rolands runs his own design and manufacturing company EL Studija, specialized in furniture, showroom and exhibition stands design etc. In 2006 Rolands was commended with the State Award for the involvement in equipping the NATO Summit Riga, 2006. This Boxetti collection is driven by…

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Clever And Creative Elevator Ads

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An advertising can be helpful for the business, so the advertising designer must have creative ideas to work with  something that could makes you laugh and talks about it or at least make you look twice. Clever use of what most people are using occasionally can be a good starting point. In this case, we have the one…

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Funny Modern Headless Horseman

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“Horsemaning,” or fake beheading, was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend. The original inspiration for Horsemaning, or fake beheading, came from a photo from the ’20s found at a flea market. It’s currently experiencing a revival and is a much better version…

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Artist Dmitriy Khristenko from the Ukraine and moved to America 14 years ago. He takes the gold and silver timepieces and uses the parts to create impressive details models of motorcycles. Khristenko has spent many month to scouring markets, garage sales, and even trash cans to find watches. Once he obtains them, he carefully takes…

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