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Star War Guitars

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Unique guitars created by British guitar maker Tom Bingham by using some star war toys combined with electric guitars. He spent almost 3 months to build each guitar, these guitars are equipped with some bright LED lights.

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Ironman Mash Arts with Other Heroes

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Creative Ironman Mash Art series created by a talented graphic artist Kode Logic from Melbourne, Australia. Kode mixes Ironman with some other characters such as Dragon ball, Superman, Wolverine, Magneto, Predator, Assassin’s Creeds, Gundam and Tron. Kode’s logical quote: Art in general is like poetry it may rhyme and flow all together or it may…

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Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween is almost here, we decided to showcase 20 of the best and scary Halloween makeup ideas for women and make an awesome Halloween¬†experience. Go and scare people! Have a good time this coming Halloween.                                        …

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24 Unique iOS Login Screen Showcase

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The popularity of iPhone and iPad have pushed the iOS development to a whole new level. A lot of famous web services such as facebook, pinterest, evernote and many more have released their own iOS native app for the convenience and encourage users to use it regularly. Today, we are showcasing the login screen for…

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