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What is Ethereum and How is It Used?

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If you spend any time following financial news, it’s a safe bet that you’ve heard quite a bit about Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency. But do you know as much about the second-place participant in the market? It’s called Ether (ETH) and is the token of the Ethereum blockchain. The two are often confused, and…

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How to recover accidentally deleted files on Mac

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From writer, video editors, photo editors and other content creators to the everyday user, the Mac is the ideal system that we rely on to get work done. But what happens when all that work gets accidentally deleted. Hours of work and sometimes irreplaceable content is gone without a trace. This can be a worst-case…

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Social Media Marketing

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In the age that we live in, social media has become the communication medium of the day. Therefore, it has become the norm for all who want to engage in marketing. As marketing refers to reaching out to the people of the world. Therefore, the best place to reach them is where they are, and…

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5 Online Store Design Tips

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Design is often the last thing you’ll think about when learning how to open an online store. But, it definitely shouldn’t be, everything from your navigation menu, to a well-placed product image can influence whether or not a visitor decides to stay on your site and make a purchase.  Because design is so important, we…

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