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An online website builder, is considered to be an alternative to a typical web designing or web developing professional or agency. Therefore, it is quite justified for users to expect all the features and services from an online website builder that they can get from an offline professional. The specific features and attributes that are…

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The Mobile Apps For The Christmas Holidays

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The Christmas holidays are a time when people can finally sit back, relax and enjoy some much needed downtime in the process. It is no secret that smartphones and tablets have become a huge part of our lives, with the festive season being a perfect example of how much they have become part of our…

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How Gaming Sites Can Improve Their Web Design

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Online casino sites are worth trillions of pounds and they attract players every second of every day from all over the world. The industry though, is swamped in terms of the amount of operators out there so it’s vitally important that the customers’ needs are catered for or they could be playing at a rival’s…

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The eCommerce industry has an average of between two to three percent conversion rates. Some eCommerce sites are performing just above the one percent mark. Because eCommerce sites do not have a straightforward structure like one product landing page sites, it can be challenging to achieve higher sales conversions. But there are many things that…

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Highly useful tips to maximize computer security

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Computers are not anymore a luxury – they are everywhere! As computers become common, needless to say, that the security threats against them become widespread too. As of today, security threats against computers have become incredibly smarter and innovative and therefore, it is always good to have a thorough understanding of computer security. Here are…

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Making the most of the latest business technology is essential to staying competitive. There are many tech solutions that can help your business from tools that automate simple tasks, solve various business problems, build websites in seconds, monitor your marketing, to analyze your marketing activities. But the key to using this technology is to integrate…

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SEO Tips

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To make your website relevant to users you need to keep reviewing and changing SEO strategies. The following tips are perfect ways for businesses to rise against their competitors. Use Google My Business This is a business directory, it lists your contact details, physical and web addresses for your business, and it also has social…

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Where Astronomy and Medicine Meet

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The last time astronomy and medicine were combined was a millennium or two ago in the Middle East when Persian doctors used astrology to diagnose and treat diseases (to uncertain effect, of course…). Now, however, these seemingly most disparate of disciplines have reunited under the image analysis.   Big data, small cells The truth is…

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