Mac App Ui Freebie by Julia Khusainova

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This Mac app is what I created – I called it iNotified or whatever you like. I personally would rather be notified by one simple app that is loaded on the launch of my machine than 5-6 applications I have to manually ran to get updates (i.e. Twitter, Dribbble, Dropbox, etc.)

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Mini OS Icons

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The package includes 4 mini operating system icons (available in raster PNG and vector format SVG, PDF) for general web design such as: eCommerce sites, administration panels, web statistics, and CMS applications. Mini OS Icons are designed at 12×12px with transparent background, which is suitable for footer or navigation bar.

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Preloader Progress Downloading Bar

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Today’s freebie is a vector progress downloading bar. This UI element is not a common web element in CSS and HTML web design, it’s more common in flash website development. Don’t leave your readers waiting to a boring loading screen – give them something extra.

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Free PSD User Interface Kit

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Today you will get the chance to download a set of buttons, selectors, inputs, drop down menus and breadcrumbs. You can include Free PSD User Interface Kit it in any design.

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Pure CSS3 Web Button

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Buttons are a very important part of a website. They’re the most common way your visitors can trigger an action and interact with your website. Sadly, even theses days many web pages still displays nasty buttons, so today I’ll show you how to create a good-looking web button using only CSS code.

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