Creative Design – Think Different Apple Logos Tribute

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With WWDC just around the corner, we have found this Apple’s “Think Different” tribute created by Viktor Hertz within 48 hours. Viktor is a freelance design artist and photographer from Sweden. We love Apple’s products, from laptop to mobile and tablet, there is just something different about it, minimal and elegant. This tribute is dedicated to Apple for all its creativeness that surrounds its company and products.

Think Different.

  • Think different Think different
  • Think diagonal Think diagonal
  • Think display Think display
  • Think distant Think distant
  • Think distorted Think distorted
  • Think diabolic Think diabolic
  • Think dissolving Think dissolving
  • Think digital Think digital
  • Think disfigured Think disfigured
  • Think dimensional Think dimensional
  • Think dinosaur Think dinosaur
  • Think dictionary Think dictionary
  • Think diet Think diet
  • Think dilated Think dilated
  • Think disguised Think disguised
  • Think difficult Think difficult
  • Think divided Think divided
  • Think disc Think disc
  • Think divine Think divine
  • Think discovery Think discovery
  • Think discount Think discount
  • Think dissapear Think dissapear
  • Think dining Think dining
  • Think diskette Think diskette
  • Think dirty Think dirty
  • Think discussion Think discussion
  • Think disconnect Think disconnect
  • Think discolored Think discolored
  • Think dizzy Think dizzy
  • Think discrete Think discrete
  • Think diamond Think diamond
  • Think diplomatic Think diplomatic
  • Think disneyland Think disneyland
  • Think dialing Think dialing
  • Think disco Think disco



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