35 Clever Negative Space Logo Showcase

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Negative space logo is one of the popular logo design methods nowadays. It usually has a minimal design but also convey the message in a creative way. We have found total of 35 creative and clever negative space logos to inspire you.

  • Shift Shift
  • HE HE
  • Foot Foot
  • 5 Locks 5 Locks
  • Swan Sight Swan Sight
  • Z Films Z Films
  • Mouse Universe Mouse Universe
  • Negative Reality Negative Reality
  • 365 Days 365 Days
  • Royal Clothes Royal Clothes
  • Toothbrush Art Toothbrush Art
  • Mask Mask
  • Twelve Twelve
  • Falcon Falcon
  • Happy Catfish Happy Catfish
  • Negative Way Negative Way
  • Cork Cork
  • Black Cat Black Cat
  • Paint the city Paint the city
  • Spartan Golfclub Spartan Golfclub
  • Williamson Pottery Williamson Pottery
  • Bufet Bufet
  • Net Credit Net Credit
  • Woman Quote Woman Quote
  • Motion Motion
  • Come Home Cafe Come Home Cafe
  • Jurassic Wine Jurassic Wine
  • Iconik Iconik
  • 247 247
  • My Shirt My Shirt
  • Night Cat Night Cat
  • City Direct City Direct
  • Dolphin Seal Dolphin Seal
  • Wineforest Wineforest
  • Blue Dog Properties Blue Dog Properties



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