Minimalist Redesigns of Movie Posters

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Movie posters are crucial to a movie’s advertising and marketing efforts. They are used in adverts at bus stops and on train lines, they line the halls of cinemas and they promote DVDs at film rental shops. Because they are so important, the design of the movie poster must have certain elements. It must be attention grabbing, since posters are usually placed in areas where people are moving past quickly. It should hint at the theme or plot of the story to make people want to see the film. It should give people a reason to see the film, whether it’s to see their favourite actors together, to see a hot director’s new work or just to see what the odd imagery in the poster is all about. It should maintain the style of the film whilst remaining conscious of the fact that it will be used in different media. It should also be recognisable, especially if a sequel is in the cards.

What is great about movie poster design is that no two designers would ever come up with exactly the same poster, even if they included these elements. This is highlighted to great effect when designers take a new look at old films’ posters. There is a big trend in the design community to redesign film posters, and many designers start by trying to create a movie poster that is minimal and also includes the elements discussed above. To see some of the coolest minimalist redesigns of movie posters, check out the following showcase.

Have you found any examples of beautifully designed, creative and minimalist movie poster redesigns? Let us know in the comments.

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