25 Retro-ish Badge and Emblem Design

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Badge and emblem design are slowly becoming a trend in web design. This kind of design element can be easily seen in retro websites and also, some companies use it as their branding. One of the advantages of using such design is – it fits much info insde the badge and/or emblem like establishment date, location, address, tag line and much more. Effective use of shapes, typography and textures create beautiful badge and emblem. Here we have 25 retro-ish badge and emblem design to inspire you!

  • Union Cut Union Cut
  • Cascade Head Logo Cascade Head Logo
  • Taking One for the Home Team Taking One for the Home Team
  • Sushi Freak Sushi Freak
  • American Microbrewer Association American Microbrewer Association
  • Becker Surveyors Becker Surveyors
  • Ruben's Nut Ruben’s Nut
  • Wedding Gift Card Wedding Gift Card
  • Andrew Bird Andrew Bird
  • Anythin Goes Anythin Goes
  • NASA Carbon NASA Carbon
  • Scouts Scouts
  • Nick Nick
  • Tin Shed Tin Shed
  • Badge Badge
  • The Foundry The Foundry
  • Nike HT 2 Nike HT 2
  • Hypercompact Hypercompact
  • Cocktail Recipe Cards Cocktail Recipe Cards
  • 128 128
  • Tokyo Bicycles Tokyo Bicycles
  • Spacebound Creative Logo Spacebound Creative Logo
  • The Finest Quality In the UK The Finest Quality In the UK
  • Holiday Holiday
  • Salvation Army Salvation Army



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