Acquiring Many Useful Information in Depositphotos Blog

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Depositphotos has been known for a great stock photos agency around. However, many customer of this website seems not aware that Depositphotos has an official blog which provides some interesting information for its readers. The information is not only limited to the things related to this websites like featured sellers, updates, special programs or promos but the information also could be useful tips for helping you keeping up with the others.

The categories that could be browsed in this DepositPhoto’s Official Blog are Announcements, Books, Conferences, Contests, Developments, Featured Contributors, Galleries, Greetings, Interviews, Other, Press Releases, Quotes, Specials, and Tips. Some of these categories are very interesting and informative. For example in Books category we can read some nice books review related to photography or design. You can check out the nice review of Ansel Adams’ classic book trilogy of photography, or the review about Illustration Now!; an excellent book series by Julius Weidemann about inspiring and innovative illustration designs in the modern art world. In the Contests page you can find information about some competitions, such as Photoshop contest which offers a nice set of rewards to be claimed for the winner. Some nice photos from around the world are also available in the Galleries and Other sections. Meanwhile, in the Specials, you can find some interesting offers like discounts or promos for certain occasions and events.

Besides those informative categories, the other categories of this blog are also very useful for the readers, such as Featured Contributors, Interviews, and Tips which all of them consist of great tutorials, tips, and recommendation from the pros to improve your skill especially in photography and design. The most unique and inspiring category or menu is indeed the Quotes. For an artist, it is always good to have some worthy quotes and words from the other artists as an additional knowledge and perspective comparison. Some tips that you can read in this blog, for instance working with models, taking photos of animals, tips of 5 things that a good illustrator must have, or tips for creating trendy stock illustrations for Valentine’s Day – 2013.

For the last topic (tips for creating trendy stock illustrations for Valentine’s Day – 2013) it will be great for the artists and publishers who wants to increase their income in February by providing quality illustrations of Valentine’s Day. The subscribers and potential buyers will also surely looking for a lot of great images for this lovely month. It will be more special because any kinds of images related to Valentine’s Day will be given a flat 20% discount in Saint Valentine’s Day Discounts event.



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