A Roundup of Clever, Imaginative Print Ads

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We’re advertised to constantly on a daily basis. Whether it’s on billboards, or while watching TV, browsing the web or flipping through a magazine – adverts are everywhere. And because they’re so prolific and impossible to escape, we’ve become blind to them. The online marketing world even has the phrase “banner blindness” relating to banner ads on the web, to indicate just how many people tune them out. We see so many adverts that we end up ignoring them.

And then, every so often, one advert captures your attention. Rather than getting your attention through big, bold colours and designs (which can work – but not always), they find subtle ways of getting through. Sometimes the ideas they portray or the scenario that unfolds is unexpected, and that hook can reel you in. While these adverts are truly rare, we’ve brought together a roundup of some of the best – the print ads that capture your attention through excellent design and masterful storytelling. We hope you find the collection a fun and interesting source of inspiration.

Have you found any creative and imaginative print adverts that you think should be included in our roundup? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Dan

Dan writes for The Handpicked Collection, who specialise in unusual Mother’s Day gifts. He enjoys studying web, logo and graphic design.



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