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Design agency iA once famously claimed that web design is 95% typography. When many people think of design, they tend to focus on the visual aspect of the imagery, but it’s the presentation of the words and the way written information is laid out that has the biggest impact for many web designs. This is especially true of blogs, where the content is predominantly text. Great design is about serving a purpose – it’s about function before form – and in the case of blogs, that means ensuring that the copy is easy to read.

While it seems simple, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The ideal case is to have as few distractions as possible. Because the main focus is on having text that’s easy to read, often a larger font size can be beneficial here. Give the copy room to breathe using a liberal use of white space, and try adjusting the line heights, kerning and word spacing so that each section of text is clearly separated and easy on the eye. The colour contrast is also important – white text on a black background can hurt to read after a while, and too light a text on a white background can feel like you’re straining your eyes. If you’re planning on using full black like #000, see what the design looks like with #222 instead – it’s less stark and can be easier to read over long periods of time.

It’s far from easy to create a beautiful, easy to read blog design but there are quite a few examples out there that you can draw inspiration from. We’ve brought together a collection of some of the best to hopefully set you on the right path.

Have you found any examples of beautifully designed, highly readable blogs that you think should be included in our post? Let us know in the comments!

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