New York Normal

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New York Normal series is designed by Rebecca Sloat from Winscousin who currently residing in New York. Having living in big city for a while, she notices a few odditities and funny facts about New York.

I love New York City. And one of the things I love most is the ability to poke fun at the many nuances that make New York what it is – an odd bubble where stranger things have happened. This illustrative endeavor is dedicated to that: New York Normal.


New York Normal - Juice Cleanses

Juice Cleanses.
Ah, the ever-faithful juice cleanse. Pay a couple hundred bucks and get bottled juice, an attitude (because you’re starving), and the satisfaction of kick-starting a new, fully detoxed you. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Street Meat

Street Meat.
Hot dogs, gyros, kebabs, oh my! Hot dogs are as iconic as yellow taxis when it comes to New York City, and you’ll find them bathing in a shallow pool of lukewarm water at every other corner. Mmm, street meat. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Lululemon

Most fashionistas would say that wearing sweatpants beyond the gym is frowned upon… unless those sweats are made by lululemon. Lululemon crops and a tank? That’s brunch material. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Puppy Sweaters

Puppy Sweaters.
Every breed of city pup has a second coat come winter, from Teacup Yorkies to Rottweilers. And with several high end pet boutiques located in this borough alone, those puppy sweaters are bound to cost a pretty penny. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Starbucks

If you’ve ever been to the city, you would have noticed the hundreds of Starbucks that dot the retail landscape. This coffee chain is known for a free restroom, as well as the off-menu Trenta – 31oz of liquid love. To put that into perspective, you could fit an entire bottle of wine in that cup and have room to spare. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Straws

The New York mantra: if you drink it then you should put a straw in it. New Yorkers seem to put straws in everything, from mixed drinks to water and most things in between. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Bagels, Lox, & Schmear

Bagels, Lox, & Schmear.
If you’ve never had a New York City bagel, odds are you haven’t really had a bagel. Puffed to perfection, a little bit chewy, and slightly sweet, Gotham’s got the technique perfected. Whether it’s catered-in brunch or the hangover helper, bagels are bound to make the spread. And if you’re feeling really New York, the classic Lox & Schmear (smoked salmon and cream cheese) can be found easier than an inexpensive box of cereal. New York Normal.


New York Normal - Pigeons

They’re everywhere. New York is home to a variety of pigeons: gray ones, albino ones, feral ones — you name it, we have it. There are also several cultural references surrounding the pigeon, from the NYC Pigeon Rescue to that one guy who decided it was a good idea to hunt and eat them… New York Normal.




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