Ecommerce Web Design – What Every Professional Designer Needs To Know

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Ecommerce development has been on the rise over the past few years but 2014 promises a lot for this sphere of web development. Having surpassed the $1.2 trillion mark in 2013 online sales this industry is slated to touch the $1.5 trillion figure by the year end. Most of this volume would come from small businesses and startups who are increasingly adopting ecommerce as a core business operation. For design agencies and individual designers this offers a great opportunity which they are grabbing with both hands. As a designer here are a few trends in the eCommerce business and website design that you need to follow.


Flat Design

Making use of contemporary design and style makes the store attractive and leads to higher conversion rate. In terms of design the world seems to be going flat. You might have seen Windows 8 and iOS 7 use designs sans drop shadow and other effects.  Strong colors and interesting fonts seem to be in great demand this year.

Scrolling Isn’t Bad!

Long page scrolls was a strict no in the past but with the popularity of mobile devices scrolling seems to be in fashion. So in 2014 we are seeing designers adding more content to individual pages through page scrolls. Most products are listed in the quick view mode where additional information pops up when the user moves the mouse over the products. This is convenient as the user doesn’t need to leave the product category to get insights into the product.

Responsive Store 


Though it cannot quite be termed a trend that has originated this year it will surely be one of the hottest this season. An online store to be successful would need work on multiple devices seamlessly. Thus when you are designing a store you need to keep make it finger friendly for the benefit of the smartphone and tablet users as they comprise almost half of the traffic to any store.

Use of Design Studio

As a professional web or graphic designer 2014 is the year to to break free from the shackles of manual coding. You can design and host an online store without writing a single line of code for your clients. No, we aren’t talking about a site builder but a web design studio that is aimed at meeting the needs of professional designers. More than 65k designers around the world have given their thumbs up to Webydo and it is the perfect online design platform to create contemporary online stores. It is scalable, it is user-friendly and it is cost effective. It has recently teamed up with leading e-commerce widget provider Ecwid. With this designers would be able to create an online store within Webydo easily.  Ecwid is supported in 47 languages and hence caters to the needs of stores that are spread across a number of geographies. There are a number of benefits for you as a designer and we shall take a look at some of these.


Control over Design

The core philosophy behind Webydo has been to offer you complete control over the design element in the website.  When you are developing an online store using this platform you will enjoy complete freedom and can translate your vision into an attractive and interactive online store. You have the option of starting with a blank canvas, a layout or an existing design. A Photoshop like interface and features such as drag-and-drop and snap to guide allows you to create a pixel perfect online store.


Efficient Store Management

If designing an online store was easy managing one is even easier. The Content Management System allows you to easily list the products on the store and ensures great customer interface. All the data on the inventory would be available at your fingertips. The WYSIWYG editor allows your clients to easily manage the store in terms of adding new products, writing product descriptions, adding multiple images for each product and defining the payment and shipping solutions. Site analytics would allow you to track the performance of the store and contemplate new ideas to reach out to a larger market.


Going Live

Hosting the online store is also extremely easy and Webydo offers you highly competitive rates. Hosting an online store over a custom domain is priced at $7.90 / month when billed annually. This also entitles you to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited page creation and 2GB storage space. The online store would be hosted on a powerful cloud server that is backed up by a strong Content Delivery Network. All sites are monitored and backed up on a regular basis preventing loss of data.

Webydo gives you all the creative freedom that you need while designing an online store. You would be able to serve the niche needs of your clients. And since there is no coding involved it would cut down development costs substantially and thus let you price your services competitively. You can create a Free account today and give it a try to start designing your clients on-lines.



This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.



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