5 Great Reasons to Use Stock Video

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Making videos – whether they’re independent films or the next viral YouTube clip – can be a time-consuming journey. Deciding what to shoot depends on opportunity, cost, and timing, but it doesn’t always have to. Keep reading to find out 5 great reasons to use stock video.

Using stock footage can be a valuable tool in getting the kind of shots you want without having to spend the time and money to get it.


As mentioned above, it’s both time consuming and expensive to travel to various places in search of a specific shot you might want for your video. Using a site like Bigstock lets you search for specific footage you’re looking for from the comforts of your home or favorite coffee shop.


Some people might believe stock footage is low quality or simply won’t have the same look and feel of what you’re trying to create, but this is a misconception. Stock footage is often used in Hollywood productions. Bigstock even sends you the stock file which will allow you to edit the stock video to fit into your film seamlessly.

Establish Shots

A really common use of stock footage is for scenery or setting shots that will help you introduce the tone or feeling you’re trying to convey. It can also be used as a simple transition shot into a next segment or scene.

Affordable Effects

When you’re in need of special effects, exotic wildlife, or exciting POV shots, there is no better way to get it than by using footage that has already been shot.


The convenience of just being able to search for exactly what you want is one of the best reasons to use stock video. There is nothing worse than cutting something together and realizing you either missed footage of something important – or realizing some extra footage would really add a lot to what you’re creating.

Bigstock has a huge selection of over 100,000 royalty-free videos and a great free trial to get you started.

Sign up for their 7-day free video trial and get up to 35 free video clips today!

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