How To Choose Bar Stools For Kitchen: Technical And Decorative Tips

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How to choose a bar stools for kitchen is the kind of question that depends on the functionality you are looking for, as well as on decoration trends you are fond of. Sure, when you choose bar stool for kitchen, you will also have to consider a couple of technical details, like bar stool height and width; yet, you should dedicate more time to choosing trends that would give your kitchen a sleek look.

Choosing height and width

First of all, define height and width you are going for. Here, a lot will depend on whether you are looking for stools for kitchen island, a breakfast table, or a fully functional bar stand. In any case, the height of the counter is the primary aspect to focus on. All counters can be roughly subdivided into classic counter height (35-37 inches), standard bar height (41-43 inches), and extra tall ones (44-47 inches). Bar stools are available in the same categories. No matter which counter height you choose, chair cushion should be about 10-12 inches lower than the counter.

And, of course consider optimal width for your kitchen. Cushions usually come at somewhere around 15, 17, or 21 inches. The distance between bar stools should be about 6 inches, so the choice of cushion width should also depend on your counter dimensions, and the number of stools you are planning to get.

Steps to successful decoration

Apart from physical dimensions, such as height and width, there are certain decoration steps that will help you make the most out of your kitchen:
1. Think of the best materials for your kitchen. Here, a lot will depend on the decoration theme you choose. If you like traditional decoration settings, stick to wood. Industrial interiors can benefit from brass or metal base. Chrome base, on the contrary, is a very neutral option that can become a nice fit for any kitchen. Leather upholstery is another universal idea.
2. Consider the number of chairs. Think of how many bar stools for kitchen you need. Moreover, note that you do not necessarily have to get identical designs. It is possible to line up different stools on both sides of the kitchen island, or even get multiple models for the same side.
3. Come up with at least a couple of placement ideas. The position of your counter (kitchen island, breakfast table) is very important. Do not rush to any conclusions if you are decorating a kitchen from scratch — consider at least a couple of different layout plans.
4. Contrast is the key to success. While matching bar stool for kitchen design to your counter is the kind of a decoration idea that can never go wrong, exploring different contrasts is a more impressive option. Sure, contrasting shades and materials should be done carefully if you want your kitchen interior to be really impressive.
5. Do not underestimate the importance of lighting. If you are working with a kitchen island, do not forget about pendant lights over the counter — they will add finishing touches to your kitchen interior.



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