Why don’t students like school?

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School as social institution has various features that may seem favorable or unfavorable to the student population. In this view, many students tend to hold divergent views of the school, both negative and positive. Notably, the negative influence of exam cheating develops from the phrase ‘do my essay’ As such, a presentation by Willingham holds the intuition that the main reason why students don’t like school is due to a limited scope of presentation of facts or information by their teachers. As such, the students hold the view that school is not a necessary part of social development. Their view is that educators within the learning institutions lack clarity of their information.

The common perception presented by Willingham is that a large number of the student populations feel that the school is confined environment that limits their freedom. Willingham supports such reasoning in the case that he mention the common excuse presented by many students. They complain that school is prison given that the lack the objectivity for attending the learning institutions. A major issue that develops in the case that students would not attend school is the fact that they prefer their freedom, a matter that would not be easily handed in the learning institutions.

Another important element of discussion is the fact that the world is a cruel place where people to cope effectively with the truth. As such, students may avoid connection to the learning institution through simple excuses. For instance, a toddler may be quick to point that there is an animal that frightens them at school. The reality of the matter in such reasoning is that there is usually a hidden truth. Logically, the society is a complex institution where one would be punished for expressing divergent views on a given matter.


The learning environment entails complex and demanding issues that necessitate that one follows strict rules. Given such realization, many students would want to avoid attending the classes since they would be subjected to such demands and strict observation of school rules. Thus, many students would want to evade such an institution through baseless arguments. The contradicting matter at the end of the day is that there is no logical reasoning as to why a government institution would limit one’s freedom. Ideally, there is no concrete reasoning against subjecting people to such an institution. Importantly, parents would not want to mistreat their children to such kind of an institution. In this view, one would easily point that the teachers are the main reason why some students would not want to attend school. Evidently, teachers subject children to some harsh treatment that usually has retaliating effect.


Conclusively, the educational institutions are a complex learning environment for many young scholars. The arising issue for students to fail to attend these learning environments is a major concern that requires immediate attention. Such reasoning develops from the fact that it has become a tradition for many students to dissociate with the learning institutions. As such, there is need to restructure the educational facilities to establishing a new kind of setting that accommodates students based on the realities of life. On the same note, there is need to restructure the school curriculum to include favorable learning approaches that rely extensively on technology.



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