How the Mobile Games Evolved: A Brief Overview

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Earlier, when the wireless internet and the dual-core processor mobile phones had not evolved, even then, the mobile phones possessed a few basic games to entertain the users and engage them. In fact, many wonder when did the mobile game started and which were the earliest of the mobile games.  This post presents a brief overview about the history of the mobile games and their journey till date.

Early Mobile Games

As far as the history of mobile games is concerned, Snake, which was first seen on a Nokia mobile phone in 1997 is considered as the first ever mobile game. This was a very simple 2-D mobile game available on the earliest of the Nokia mobile phones and involved directing an ever-growing snake across the screen to pick up the different items. While the game was exceedingly plain, but, it engaged almost every mobile gamer at that time. People went crazy about this game and it marked the beginning of an unexplored business sector, the mobile gaming, which was expected to grow exponentially.



However, if the evolution of mobile gaming outside the mobile phone is considered, there were several mobile  gaming devices which were developed and used by people to play games. The most popular among those were the ones manufactured under the brand Nintendo.

Multiplayer Mobile Games

After the era of the single player, Black & White mobile games, Nokia further innovated this niche by introducing coloured mobile phones with WAP browsers and the ability to connect with the other phones through different technologies like infrared, Bluetooth etc.  Nokia introduced the fancy phones in the early years of 2000 and launched Snake II. Also, several multiplayer board games were introduced in this phase of mobile game development.

WAP helped in the creation of the basic ecosystem which would allow the developers to make the innovative games and sell them to the willing mobile players over-the-air.

Coloured Screen Mobile Phones

One of the crucial shifts that happened in 2003 was the mass market adoption of the high-end mobile phones with the coloured screen. The emergence of the coloured screen phones marked a new beginning for much more engaging and engrossing mobile games.



Among the coloured screen phones, one phone that was completely dedicated to the mobile gamers was Nokia N-Gage. It was a robust Symbian-powered coloured mobile phone with an extensive ability to play the console style mobile games. This phone even introduced the concept of memory card, which could e used to store different mobile games.

Smart Phones Era

After the giant leap taken by the coloured screen mobile phones in the mobile gaming world, the next crucial phase was introduced by iPhone. When the iPhone was launched in 2007 by Apple, it delivered the mobile users an entirely new experience and this phone became a delight or the mobile game lovers. There were innumerable gaming apps which could be downloaded, the gaming experience was significantly improved and the picture clarity of the screen underwent a colossal transformation.

The iPhone was followed by several other smartphones by diverse brands and with each new generation of these phones, the mobile app developers and gaming app developers are innovating further.

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