Review of Movavi Screen Capture – Create Professional Screencasts for All Purposes

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 It is essential to have a screen recording software if you want to create video that involves record your screen. This could be anything for example record a video on YouTube, create a Photoshop tutorial, record your gameplay, record a Skype video conference call or basically show people something that is occurring on your computer screen. Movavi Screen Capture allows you to record your screen as well as making edits such as adding comments. It can also record any sound input from devices that are connected to your computer such as microphone, speakers and MIDI device.


You can create a test recording to see if the microphone is working before starting the actual recording session. When you launch Movavi Screen Capture, you will see a welcome screen with 3 options. The first option is capture screen which is the one you should choose to record a screen. The second option is record audio which allows you to record only the audio input. The third option is edit video which allows you to edit a video that have just recorded with the screen capture software.

If this is the first time you are using the screen recording software, you will see tutorials popping up so that you know what step to take to record your first video. Most people just skip the tutorials because it is easy to find your way around the software. The rectangle frame represents the area of the screen that will be captured in the screen recording video. The wider you drag the rectangle frame, the bigger the area of the screen will be captured.

You must drag the rectangle frame to the area on the screen where you want to record the activity. By only dragging the rectangle frame to certain part of the screen, your audience won’t be able to see other parts of the screen. To start recording, look for the Rec button and press it and it will automatically start to capture the selected screen area. You can pause the screen recording at anytime if you need to leave the computer screen because you have an important matter to attend to. When you come back, you just click on the resume button and it will continue recording again from where you stop just now.

Besides recording a video, Movavi Screen Recorder is also ideal for creating an audio book that includes your voice narration. When you select the record audio option, your voice narration will be saved as a podcast and no video will be attached. You can control the entire recording session via the onscreen control panel or keystrokes. It is faster to use keystrokes to control the recording session if you can memorize what key to press for different function.

The benefit of using hotkeys is that you can prevent it from capturing the movement of your cursor. Movavi screen recorder offers all basic editing features such as trim unwanted parts of the footage, and merge video. You can pan and zoom certain part of the video that you want the audience to pay attention to.




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