Exciting IT Careers You Might Not Have Considered Before

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If you find you’ve got a natural affinity with IT and technology, and find the whole subject fascinating, then why not consider a career in it? You’ll be on the forefront of discovery and exploration, and you’ll be working in an industry that is constantly changing and growing. Our world is changing in unprecedented ways thanks to the rise of IT, and by working in the sector, you’ll be able to drive that change. From teaching to inventing, the world of IT has numerous careers on offer. If you’re not academic, you needn’t worry either: some of the best in the industry worked their way up, starting with internships and apprenticeships. As long as you’re technically minded, inquisitive and want to learn, you’ll flourish in IT.

Software, app or web developer

Being a developer gives you a whole world of freedom. Whether your passions lie in video games or using mobile apps, you’ll be able to be part of the team that creates them. Learning to code is an invaluable skill in today’s digital age. Every business needs a website, and many are realizing the importance of having a sleek, well-designed app too. You’ll be at the cutting edge of progress, helping to visualize new concepts, and engineer how people interact with websites, software and apps. You’ll also be able to explore other routes, like user experience (UX) and engineering. There are so many parts to developing too. So, whether you’re more technically minded, and would prefer doing back-end web development, or if you prefer sorting out how a website works and functions, there will be the perfect role for you.

Information security analyst

With more and more businesses relying on online shops and systems, another area of the internet has grown too: hacking. Incidents of businesses being hacked have skyrocketed in the last few years, and with more sophisticated methods and tools, hackers are getting increasingly successful. So, step in information security analysts. These analysts help to protect businesses and prevent attacks, staying one step ahead of hackers at all times. From analyzing to investigating, it’ll be your job to find weaknesses in businesses’ security settings, and seal them up before the hackers get there. Or, you might want to be involved in the data recovery professional service side of the job. You’ll be able to help businesses get their precious data back, and make a huge difference in their lives. You could be the one rescuing them from extortionate ransomware fees, or helping them carry on after an attack.   

Data scientist

As a data scientist, you’d be responsible for making links from people’s actions. This might be working for big businesses, helping them to create more offers for their customers, or it might be in research fields, analyzing data for the greater good. You’ll be helping to make sense out of lots of numbers and statistics – arguably one of the most important roles in any business. As a result, you’ll be rewarded well. Data scientist is one of the top ranked jobs in America thanks to high salaries and large number of opportunities.