Choosing a great art reproduction company

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Who doesn’t usually appreciate good work, especially when it comes to art? Most people usually love art if not everyone and at some point, in your life I’m sure you even tried drawing something and maybe displayed it in your room somewhere or shared it with your friends.

Anyway, art is always a good thing and a good art deserves appreciation. There are pieces that can be used for decoration or you can even give them as gifts. However, you don’t expect someone to be happy when the gift you gave them is horrible, right?

I mean, you can’t even hang some on your wall because they look awful or of low quality, right? This is why it is important to buy your art at a reputable art reproduction company like the 1st Art Gallery. With that being said, let us look at a few tips that can help you get a good piece of art from a good company.

A postal address or a contact

When you are looking for a great piece of art, don’t be over excited as you can miss the smaller details like the not noticing that the site you are looking at doesn’t have any postal address or even a phone contact.

Whatever you see on line might not be what you will get at your door step when you purchase the product and when you happen to buy it from a site that doesn’t have any contacts, you can call back or reach them to complain about it. Sometimes an email address is not enough as your emails might go ignored.

This will leave you feeling cheated and defrauded and this is why it is important to look at such details so that you can have somewhere to forward you complains in case the item you ordered gets damaged during transit or you were given a low-quality product.

Copyright law

This is another important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you are about to purchase a piece of art from an art reproduction company, you need to try and find out if the company complies with the copyright law.

You need to know that it is an illegal act to sell a piece of art that is still covered by copyright. Actually, company dealing with copyrighted pieces of art are the ones that usually don’t display any form of contact on their websites so that they cannot be traced by the design and artists copyright society.

Note that, if an artist died like for more than 70 years ago, their work can be copied unless the copyright is extended by the state from which the artist was from. The artists need to fully benefit from their work and therefore it won’t be a good thing to commission a painting that is still under the copyright law.

Work Samples

When it comes to art, it’s usually all about the quality. This is why you will often find some websites with a compare and contrast section that allows you to compare the painting with the original masterpiece.

You can also find other websites that have display photos of different art quality you can expect. It is not a good idea to purchase a piece of art just by a given description as you might end up paying a lot for something that is not worth it.

It is important that you ask to see a few of their work samples or maybe some of the pieces that have recently been sold. This will let you make a rich decision on what you want to buy, whether you should buy it or not.

If the qualify satisfy you then you may go ahead and buy it as you want something that you will be able to enjoy and be proud of when you display it in your home. Click here to see more on how you can identify a great painting.

Pay for what it’s worth

Well, here is another place where most people get trapped. When it comes to art prices, you will be amazed when you find out that the prices usually vary depending on a few aspects. You can do a small research on the internet and find out more on the prices of different pieces of art as this will help you to get the right thing for the right price.


When you are going to buy a piece of art, it is important that you get it from a good company. A great art reproduction company will always have good quality pieces, great pricing and good customer services as well. You can also know more about a company by checking the reviews online and see what other people say so that you don’t make any mistakes when purchasing a piece of art.



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