Do We Need Better Computers for Gaming?

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Gaming represents an ideal activity for people that want to take a break and relax for a bit in an entertaining way. Due to the immense evolution experienced by games and gaming hardware, more people than ever picked up gaming as a hobby.

Each year game developers and computer manufacturers are trying to push themselves further, innovating this ecosystem even more. As games are getting more resource-intensive, one major question arises, do we need better computers to keep up with gaming?

Average Devices are Good Enough

A common belief in the gaming industry is that constant upgrades are necessary in order to enjoy all of the benefits that come with the world of cutting-edge gaming. Although that might be true to some extent, you don’t have to constantly upgrade your gaming setup in order to enjoy most PC games.

A computer considered top-notch five years ago might not be able to run the latest games released this year. Even if that might be true, that same computer will still be able to run top games from past years at a good-enough quality.

Although upgrades might be necessary from time to time, they are not needed as often as you think. An average gaming computer will do just fine even when running top games from the last few years. If you don’t put as much value on playing the latest games then, an average computer will serve you well for years and years without troubles.

Moreover, not all forms of gaming require hardware updates. If you’re a gambling fan, for example, you might not need to update your PC for a very long time. Although this gaming niche is improving constantly, the casino games are still not too resource-intensive, anybody having access to them.

Regardless if you’re using an old computer or even a smartphone, you will probably be able to play casino games, among others, right from your browser. The best part is that such games can be pretty fun. Entering an online casino will give you access to a huge variety of games. Such a large database of games can satisfy anyone’s preferences, allowing even people with an older computer to have fun.


Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is the new hot thing in the gaming industry, many major players trying to get in on the action. Considering the huge potential this tech has and the impact it will have on the way we play games, companies such as Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Nvidia are trying to make this concept work.

Gaming in the cloud will basically remove any needs for owning a powerful computer or for engaging in constant setup updates to keep up with the fast innovation pace. Anybody with a good-enough internet connection would be able to access the latest games, even if they are using a ten-year-old computer.

Although the state of cloud gaming is still far from ideal, major tech companies are competing to develop the best cloud platform. Google is a company that has a lot of potential when it comes to making this concept workable due to their large data centers, which are needed for any cloud service.

Companies like Microsoft and Sony also have a lot of potential considering their latest partnership. The expertise of these companies in cloud services and AI, when combined, it will give birth to a new and exciting product.

While is early to say for certain, considering Google’s promises and product showcase, we might have access to a working cloud gaming service by the end of 2019.


As games are improving significantly each year, becoming more and more resource-intensive, computer upgrades are certainly needed from time to time. The frequency of these upgrades depends on your needs and desire to play the latest games at full resolution. However, considering the evolution experienced by cloud technologies, the need for any upgrades might soon become a thing of the past.



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