DIY Scenarios That Call for Professionals or Top-Quality Tools

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While many a DIY amateur believes they have the skills and the tools already at their disposal to take on any household task, there is a wide range of home improvement scenarios where the sourcing of new, correct equipment is necessary and the contacting of a professional could be called for.

Any DIY tasks that require a niche skill – such as masonry – or up-to-date, certified parts – such as electricals – should be considered carefully before they are started using the general tools found in the garage.


Generally, American homes are much larger than those of any other industrialized nations, and the desire to build extensions and outhouses burns within many homeowners. To do so themselves, however, would take a great deal of materials and knowledge. Pursuing a masonry apprenticeship takes around three to four years, so expecting to build your own home – or even addition to your home – with a simple base knowledge of DIY is a huge ask.

Fitting electrical circuits

Getting a basic electrician’s certificate can take as little as 40 days and, while this does not in any way make you qualified to start rewiring your entire home, it does put you in a good position for carrying out basic electrical tasks such as changing socket covers or replacing lighting fittings. From ceramic capacitors to lightbulbs and circuit protectors, electrical parts can be searched for and purchased online.

It is always necessary to check electrical regulations in your area to be sure what work you are permitted to do yourself, and you should never carry out electrical work that you are unsure of or unqualified to attempt.


Much like with electrics, the basics of plumbing can be attempted at home, but this is not a wise move without prior knowledge or training. Part of the issue with attempting DIY on your own plumbing network is that your home’s pipes are likely connected – and therefore have an effect on – the pipes of homes around you. Hiring out a contractor to assess and plumbing issues you encounter is a much safer option than ripping out your own toilet to save a dollar or two.

Fitting windows

If you are changing to a more energy-efficient, double-paned upgrade on your current vitrines and would like to save on installation costs as well as energy bills, you should be aware of the numerous compliance regulations for new windows and what a remarkably tricky task it can be. While fitting your own windows or doors is far less likely to have an adverse effect on the surrounding area in the same manner as attempting your own plumbing or electrics, it is no less a job for the professionals.

Tree surgery

Moving outside of the home, garden improvements and landscaping are often attempted by those looking to improve the appearance of their house from the curb.

Trees need to be looked after properly and, while saws and axes are not uncommon tools to belong to the average homeowner, trees should not be hacked at without good knowledge and care. Not only could you cause injury to yourself, but you could seriously damage a tree that has taken decades to grow and flourish.



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