Weekly Design Inspirations #2

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Our second edition of weekly design inspiration. In weekly inspiration post, we showcase the very best design from the Internet.

  • Screenoby Icon Screenoby Icon
  • Mini Music Player Mini Music Player
  • Dialogs Collapsable Menu Dialogs Collapsable Menu
  • Toggle Buttons Toggle Buttons
  • WordPress Custom Admin Panel WordPress Custom Admin Panel
  • Big Gig Big Gig
  • Stopwatch Stopwatch
  • Artistic Alien Artistic Alien
  • Add to Cart Add to Cart
  • Magazine Cover Inspiration Magazine Cover Inspiration
  • Glowie UI Sliders Glowie UI Sliders
  • My APP Design My APP Design
  • Recorder Screen Recorder Screen
  • Metal Social Media Buttons Metal Social Media Buttons
  • Project Fullstar Project Fullstar
  • Chat Chat
  • Mario Luigi Mario Luigi
  • What's Your 5 A Day What’s Your 5 A Day
  • UI Bootstrap UI Bootstrap
  • Ink Mountain Cabin Ink Mountain Cabin



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