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Incredible Paper Sculptures

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A piece of paper can be as simple as it can be. But when played with, we can make animals, boats and airplanes which most of us know. If the same papers are manipulated with the use of creativity and some skillful craftsmanship, it can become an art and amaze us. This incredible paper sculptures…

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Superheroes always are the spotlight in saving the world, but what happens when they have their own family and kids? French artist Andry Rajoelina created a beautiful series of poignant and bittersweet artworks that feature illustrations of young superheroes, from both Marvel and DC universes, being walked back to school by their parents. Adorable illustrated walking…

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Beautiful Tape Art

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This beautiful artwork created by artist Erika Iris from United State. Unique portraits of musicians, famous people, and movie stars are made out of recycled cassette tapes, old film reels, and VHS tapes. In 2010 she collaborated with director Ethan Lader to help produce the hit music video for the Bruno Mars song “Just the Way You Are.”  The video has received over 300 million views…

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Kim Dong-kyu, aka “art x smart” has given combining famous historical paintings with images of 21st century technology. You can now see what it would look like if all of those people in classic paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso had access to modern technology. The models in the classical paintings use the devices to…

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Dresses Made Out Of Balloon

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Designer Rie Hosokai from Japanese has created this  fascination with a unique fabric material: balloons. The collective known as ‘Daisy Balloon’ create exciting and elegant dresses made entirely from balloons of all shapes. The amount of air that goes into each balloon is pretty hard to estimate when adjusting the size and volume of the…

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Funny Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

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Rachael Aslett an advertising freelancer based in Perth, Australia showed you some hilarious photos of sexy girl and adorable cats in similar poses. Cats that Look Like Pin Up Girls. I found this series of photographs on a funny Tumblr blog that pairs the fascinating ladies found in 1940s and ’50s calendars and magazines with the modern cats. Pin-up girls…

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“Dirds” The Dog Birds

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This is too weird! But also amazing. With a dog for a head and the body of a bird, images of Dirds are spreading quickly. Some internet fans have tried to out do one another with their new designs of the hybrid creatures. These dirds are just photoshop magic and do not yet exist in…

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