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“Dirds” The Dog Birds

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This is too weird! But also amazing. With a dog for a head and the body of a bird, images of Dirds are spreading quickly. Some internet fans have tried to out do one another with their new designs of the hybrid creatures. These dirds are just photoshop magic and do not yet exist in…

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A Must Read Infographic For Photographers

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With the current technology and affordable digital camera, almost everyone can be a “photographer”. Of course, to be a real photographer, taking photo is not the ONLY thing you need to do. The reality is – you need to organise photos, editing photos, look for business, promote your business, talk to your client, price negotiation…

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Use the Internet to Have a Video Conference

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The Internet is more than just a great place to buy some new shoes at a bargain price. It is the place where businesses are going to get more done on a regular basis. The ability to use the Internet for video conferencing means that businesses are able to maintain contact with clients and colleagues…

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