Inspiring iPad Apps’ User Interface

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The success of app store is phenomenal. For these few years the number of apps have grown from a few to million of them. I always like apps with beautiful and well-designed interface, it makes me want to use it more often. Now, we have iPad, bigger screen, faster processor which created a whole new…

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Best Technique to Style A Flexible Web Button

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There are many ways to style a web button, for myself, I always use the same method. Today, we are going to demonstrate how to style a button from scratch. We are going to use this lovely design from favbulous PSD repository: As you can see, this button comes with many colors and different button…

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Minimalism: Creative illustration of Hilarious WTF Moments

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I’m a big fan of minimal design. I stumbled upon these creative illustrations from Minga – a creative studio located in Argentina and I was really amused by its simplicity and the power to express all the WTF scenario effectively. I giggled. Apparently, Abduzeedo has already interviewed Minga about the concept behind this illustration: WTF…

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