5 Javascript Plugins to Create Page Scrolling Layout

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Page scrolling technique has been one of the famous layouts for single page websites. There are two types of page scrolling, one that uses browser’s scrollbar and another one scroll automatically via user action. In this post, we have found 5 javascript plugins that will help you  achieve page scrolling effect easily so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel again, just start designing your website and add the page effect.

Scrollrama, BetterNikeWorld Parallax and Curtain use browser’s scrollbar to execute a serial of animations. As you scroll through the page, animation of each section will be activated and usually, the speed of the animation is depend on how fast you scroll. This technique was made famous by Nike Better World parallax scrolling website, and now you can create similar effects easily with these plugins.

For PageScroller and ScrollTo plugin, they scroll webpage or page inner content via user action (usually buttons, links, nav). It replaces the browser’s scrollbar and in the same time makes the website more interactive. This is another famous technique used by a lot of single page portfolio websites.

  • Scrollrama Scrollrama uses the browser scrollbar to trigger a series of animation for different section of a website. Awesome plugin for single page layout.
  • BetterNikeWorld Parallax Create your website with the famous NikeBetterWorld layout.
  • Curtain This plugin allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Exactly like a curtain rises.
  • PageScroller Page Scroller is a powerful JavaScript based smooth scrolling navigation system that utilizes the robust jQuery library. Created entirely with ease of use in mind, the plugin will work on any website.
  • ScrollTo With this plugin, you will easily scroll overflowed elements, and the screen itself. It gives you access to many different options to customize and various ways to specify where to scroll.



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