Unusual Tech Gadgets For Education

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According to website where you can get essay online help, technology has played a major role in improving the educational skills and classroom behavior of most students since the introduction of weird, wondrous and cool gadgets in the education system. Modern classrooms are filled and equipped with tools and gadgets of latest technologies to enhance instruction and learning in day to day interaction. These gadgets can be used by both instructors and learners. These gadgets include;

A smart phone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines certain features of the cell phone and popular mobile devices.Smart phones are encouraged to be used as a learning tool. Can be used in computing in the event that students cannot access the calculators.


A computer is a programmable machine that responds to specific set of instructions in a programmed manner. More students and teachers are moving towards new modern trends of becoming more mobile, personal computers are now replacing smart phones due to enhanced digital applications. Popularly used by both teachers and students as it is as mobile as the smart phone.


Instructors use whiteboards to project presentations onto the smart boards which can still be written on during learning


Also known as visual presenters, document cameras have the ability to magnify and project images in actual three dimension. At times, instructors might want to demonstrate objects to learners and these objects might be small in size. Document cameras are used to zoom into smaller objects during observation and this avoids students crowding in one place for viewing.


Portable audio devices that are used in music and video storage are also found in modern classrooms. Most students can be found listening to their own music while studying. Instructors may also use such a device in playing an audio book to his students during a presentation to enhance learning or provide backup information on what has been previously taught. Mp3 players are increasing in demand for both teachers and students when it comes to audio preferences.

Thin, flexible paper tabs have been introduced to replace tablets and smartphones. Unlike computer tablets, which switch between apps on a single display, paper tabs are designed multiply to be used together. Each tab acts as a window for separate applications, but still interact with each other. Additionally,the paper tabs interface feature allows functioning by simply tapping tabs together, for example, a student can send an email attachment by simply tapping a tab of a different email together with the tab of that attachment. Paper tabs are preferred because of their ability to naturally handle multiple sheets of paper.


Designed to store files and documents on the web, chromebooks are becoming preferred options in school management because of its enabling faster boot times, lighting web browsing, instant updates and automatic file backup. Chromebooks are considered to be fast, easy to manage computers that create an easy environment of connection between teachers and students, are easily affordable and has numerous benefits to the education market.



Technology has played a significant role in improving educational skills and knowledge which is essential for both the students and instructors, but there are some instances where technology is considered disadvantageous for both parties as well. Technology promotes independent learning for students while providing easy access to information as it promotes exciting ways to educate students. Use of these gadgets is considered disadvantageous as they encourage laziness during studying as computers make it easy to find answers thus forgetting the basic ways of studying. Students no longer rely on books that are given to them by their instructors since they are all interested to study using computers.



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