The iPhone 8 Leaked: What To Expect From The Next Generation

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After the somewhat disappointing iPhone 7, it’s only fitting Apple should make it up to us with their next generation. And if the leaks are anything to go by, they might just do that. The iPhone 8 is shaping up to be their most impressive smartphone yet. Its release is slated to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the first ever iPhone, and if Apple does it right, it can be a beautiful way to show off the leaps and bounds they’ve made over the last decade.

We canthank a rogue Weibo account for this new information on the upcoming generation. While Apple has kept mum, the Chinese user has leaked a few fundamental specs regarding the 8, under its code name, “Ferrari”. We can only hope the iPhone 8 becomes the technical and design benchmark in the smartphone world just as its namesake has for sports cars.

One of the supposed design tweaks expected in the newest design is the missing home button. This may not be particularly surprising, considering its treatment in the 7 and 7 Plus. The 8 will be taking it one step further by completely eliminating it as a button on the phone. Instead, the home button’s function will be built into the OLED display.

That brings us to another leak from Weibo. Apple fans can expect an edge-to-edge display with flexible plastic OLED in hopes of creating a thinner and more efficient device. Here it will be taking some design tips from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as the screen will spill over in a curved display. The rest of the phone looks like it will be made out of an aluminum body. If the rumors are true it might be a good idea to deck out your iPhone with custom skins to prevent these delicate materials from scratching as soon as you take it out of its box.

But the biggest innovation coming with the 8 doesn’t have anything to do with the way it looks. The latest rumors suggest Apple has been playing with 3D sensors in order to play with augmented reality features. Nobody’s quite sure of what this could entail, despite anything that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, teases. It will probably include face and gesture recognition abilities tied with its front-facing camera.

Project Ferrari is also set to totally revolutionize the way we can charge our devices. Clues left in these leaks suggest Apple has teamed up with Energous, the wireless charging company responsible for WattUp. There’s been no official word on this collaboration, but if it’s true, that means we could be looking at an iPhone that can be charged remotely.

We’ve seen the beginning of this tech in models from Samsung, Google, and Huawei, but these manufacturers rely on induction charging, which requires its users to leave the phone on a docking bay in order to receive a fill up. With Energous, Apple could make it possible to charge its devices within a 4 meter radius of the charging transmitter.

If this is true, we expect other companies will jump on this tech pretty soon — maybe even improving its radius. Imagine a not-so distant future where you never have to worry about a low battery. For anyone whose phone died in the middle of their route or halfway through solidifying plans, this feature alone would make it worth upgrading to the 8. The rest of the supposed specs would just be an added bonus, so here’s hoping we can trust that Weibo user for a happy 10th anniversary.



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