Five Common Mistakes that Can Kill Your Startup

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To grow a startup into a successful and profitable company, you need to go a thorny path, filled with numerous difficulties and pitfalls. To make this path easier, every entrepreneur needs to understand the peculiarities of this business segment. Even though it is impossible to preclude the chance of failure, there are a few things you can do to keep this risk to a minimum.

Here are 5 most common mistakes that can kill your business endeavour.

Lack of Focus


Beginner entrepreneurs are always distracted by lots of tempting ideas that have hardly any relevance to their core business. Executing all the ideas, inhabiting your mind, is impossible. Thus, the point is to put minor details aside and concentrate on the most timing and potentially-enable tasks. Getting involved in multiple activities is the shortest way to failure.

Planning too Much


Creating a business plan is not always a good idea. Many entrepreneur devote too much time to business plan development and unfortunately, plan themselves out of business even before they launch it. You are not able to predict the turn of events, so the chance that something will go wrong is huge. Just write a description of primary actions and then act as the occasion requires.

Not Keeping Your Ideas Secret


Though it may sound rude, but revealing your business ideas to others is the most stupid mistake you can ever make. Do not boast your ideas right, left and centre! There are lots of people ready to use someone else’s ideas. Hold your tongue or your idea will be put to life by someone else. Only people working on the project should be put into possession of all the facts.

Listening to Outsiders

Having smart people around you, ready to give a good piece of advice, is undoubtedly beneficial. An independent opinion helps you reappraise things and make valuable changes and improvements. However, be careful, as outsider advice may lead you the wrong way. None but you and your team knows what is good or bad for your project.

Choosing the Wrong Co-Founder

Picking a reliable cofounder that will support you in the hour of need, and will not back off in the most inappropriate time, is a half of success. Never give equity to a co-founder before you get proofs of his/her reliability and dedication to your startup endeavour.

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