10 Web Design Freebies to your rescue

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Ever wondered how great it would have been if you could lay your hands on different design resources, tool kits and plugins to help with your design and web development chores. It would not only save you a lot of time but also provide your work a distinct edge over other developers out there.

But thanks to DealFuel, you will be able to procure all these items and much more in reality. At DealFuel, you can choose from hundreds of different web development and design tools and download them instantly. All you need to do is visit their site and download resources for free and enjoy the privilege of a palette of different resources. Here are only a small list of such resources that you can download for free.

1. Free vector ribbons


Web designers are always on the look-out for design elements that are unique and out of the box. By using these free vector ribbons, you can redefine your website’s header, navigation and make important messages stand out. These ribbons have a vintage look and feel to it and have many implications.

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2. Set of scintillating patterns


In May 2014, people spent approximately 600 billion minutes on one or the mobile app in the United States alone. Considering the impetus provided by an app, you need to make sure that it is pleasing to the eye and isn’t monotonous. This set of 50 different patterns can be used as banner or background for you mobile application or website. These patterns consist of different shapes and are brightly colored giving it a 3-dimensional perspective.

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3. Flat icons


This resource consists of a set of 200 different icons which can be used as general web elements or used for games and other multimedia projects. These icons also come with a sketch version and can be used for commercial as well as personal projects.

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4. Food mock-up set


It is said that every culinary creation should be experienced by all your senses. So it is the aim of every website that caters to catering services, the likes of restaurants, favorite food joints, e.t.c. to create a user interface that is not only visually pleasing but entices your taste buds as well. This food mock-up set consist of a number of such PSDs & themes that can be instantly downloaded and tweaked according to your needs and requirements.

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5. Web marketing templates


It is said that one of every two company implements content marketing strategies while publishing content on the web and this ratio is only going to go northwards. But while attending to various web marketing chores, you need to ensure that you plan your approach properly, else you would end up missing most of the web marketing niches. Hence, the use of web marketing templates are strongly recommended. Using these templates, you can properly plan your web marketing approach to a spectrum of different social platforms, sites & forums.

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6. Website performance hand-guide


If your website fails to load completely within 2-3 second, you will lose almost 40% of your audience. So to stop such performance issues and glitches, you need to restructure your website accordingly. This hand guide provides you a detailed description of all the possibilities that might cause your website to respond slowly or cause lag. It also offers a number of practical solutions for running scripts and implementing CSS changes in the right manner.

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7. Invoice template


Invoice templates are widely used by multinational companies, service providers and freelancers worldwide. But they are generally in the form of document or spreadsheet and needs the intervention of one or the other editor to view. As the structure of these invoices is not uniform or standardized, they tend to misbehave when opened by different editors. So for ease of access and enhance the usability of these templates, you can use this HTML based template. This Template is powered by jQuery & CSS and provides the user with a spectrum of different functionalities and provision of different implementations as well. They are easy to use and can be modified according to your needs and requirements.

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8. Royalty-free graphics


Graphics is important entities that decide the aesthetics of a website. There are many ways of enhancing the appeal of a site and using high-quality background graphics, illustrated banners and posters are one of them. Using this resource, you can lay your hands on a number of such graphic items that would not only ease your design tasks but also aid you in creating some unique cool designs by tweaking these design elements.

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9. Pricing tables and banners


When it comes to differentiating between different entities and highlighting some core features or products, nothing beats tables and banners. This resource consisting of a range of different pricing tables and banners can be used in websites that deals with monetary exchanges as well as general web-stores to compare different product configurations and highlight some prevalent offers and discounts. These tables and banners can be instantly downloaded and tweaked according to your needs and requirements. You can apply any range of color to them so as to make them appealing and suit your existing website’s background. They are easy to work with and can be used for personal as well as commercial projects.

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10. Vector Badges


Different web-stores, e-commerce and auction websites require various modes to denote the authenticity, originality and credibility of each and every product. But portraying so using content is tiresome as well as takes up a lot of your website’s real estate. So the best way of doing so without compromising with your website’s aesthetics is by using vector badges. This resource consists of some different vector badges that denote vital information and also enhance the overall look and feel of your website. These badges can be easily modified and adapted to your needs.

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