Essay: History of Java Programming Language

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Today, technology has helped our lives and plays a major role in a lot of industries. We can now connect with our friends and relatives, shop, get informed and entertain ourselves online – thanks to the many programming languages and inventions over time. One of them is Java – the programming language that has made our devices smarter, more functional and entertaining.

What started as a leap forward for James Gosling in 1991 led to a great innovation in the digital world – a programming language called Java. In that time, James was a part of Sun Microsystems and decided to design the first version of programming language aimed at home appliances and used by a wide variety of computer processors.

Java won the digital world – as soon as it was introduced to it. In the early 90s, the power of network was close to rocket science. However, a team of believers called the ‘Green Team’ were the first engineers to visualize the next wave in computing. They were the pioneers of a new era, an era where every device will be tailored to the most exact needs of its owner and an era where all the consumer devices and computers will be revolutionized – introducing Java.

The Java solutions are based on an interactive and handheld home entertainment controlling system which was originally targeted at the digital cable TV industry. However, the concept was so advanced for the target group at that time, and was therefore redirected to the Internet. Thankfully, the Internet benefited from it a lot over time. Although it started slow, the Java technology took the world by storm in 1995, where the team announced that the Netscape Navigator Internet browser will be the first one to incorporate this cutting edge technology.

Today, Java stands still as one of the most dominant programming languages and as the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices we use in our everyday lives. From mobile phones to handheld devices and e-business solutions, Java has changed the world – and can be seen everywhere.

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