How to repair your gadgets when you can’t reach a store

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In today’s tech-focused world, we’re incredibly dependent on our smartphones, tablets and laptops. Many people work solely from laptops, such a creative designers and freelance writers, while people in the sales and marketing world are completely reliant on their smartphones for sending vital emails to clients and taking deal-saving calls. So, what do you do when your gadgets are suddenly in need of repair, and you are miles from a store? Hopefully, our top three tips below will give you a little help and guidance.


Consult online forums

One of the most frustrating problems people come across is when your device simply crashes, or an application stops working. For any kind of software or interface issue, a lot of your answers can actually be found via online forums. This of course depends on what kind of issue you’re dealing with, and more severe damage will not be so easy to fix.

However, you’d be surprised how effective an online search can be, using your device’s “symptoms” as keywords. Apple, for example, come across tonnes of software or basic hardware issues that can be solved very quickly, and they have their own support community specifically for this, which you can visit here.

Search for a repair line or video

If your problem is a little more complex and you’re in need of some guidance, then try our second solution. If it’s a software problem, do an online search for a telephone repair line that specialises in the model and make of your device. They’ll be able to assess your problem and what kind of a repair is needed, and talk you through it step by step. If it’s a hardware issue though, you might find a video more useful.

A lot of people prefer to watch someone perform a repair whilst they do it themselves, so if you think you can perform a DIY repair by getting hold of the correct spare parts, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Look for mail services

If both of those avenues fail you, then don’t despair – there are plenty of repair services that operate via an online site and shipping system. A great example of this is Fix Apple Now, who conduct apple repairs in Miami from their two drop-in stores, but who also accept devices from the whole of the US.

You simply choose from their list of repairs online, buy it as you would a product from any online store, and then mail your device to them after following their instructions. After they have received the device, their technicians perform a full diagnostics review and advise on the service needed. They then perform the repair, test your device, clean it and aim to ship it back to you within 24 hours. It couldn’t be easier!

Do you have any other tips for repairing gadgets from afar? If you do, leave us a comment – we’d love to hear your advice.



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