Top 5 smartphones for gaming in 2016

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With the way that the technology that powers smartphones has moved forward in recent years these devices can be used for a lot more than making calls or sending texts now. These days people use them for working, watching videos, listening to music and playing games – ranging from simple casino roulette games that are available from to the likes of Badlands with its badass graphics. Here are the five top smartphones for gaming.

Google Nexus 6P

There is a great deal to recommend the Nexus 6P from Google as a gaming phone – not least the superb 5.7-inch screen display that comes with AMOLED technology. This ensures that those games where the graphics are really hot, like the aforementioned Badlands or the racing car Real Racing series, look brilliant on it. Of course it’s no use having a great screen without the graphics chip to back it up and the Nexus 6P offers an Adreno 430 graphics chip and Snapdragon 810 main processor.


HTC 10

This has some pretty strong gaming specs in most areas, from the 4GB RAM for the prevention of graphics lag during gaming sessions, to the speed and power provided by the 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon processor. However the biggest selling point of this phone for gamers is the stunning sound from the manufacturer behind BoomSound. While the top speaker is positioned on the front of the phone, the bottom one is on the base frame, with the top focusing on mids and trebles while the latter deals with low-end frequencies. It is an innovation that brings the sounds of the race track in things like Real Racing right into your room. The downside? A relatively small 5.2-inch screen.



LG has always produced impressive gaming phones, and the G5 takes this further with a fine 5.6 inch HD 4K screen, internal memory space of up to 64GB, allowing you to keep tons of games on it with no performance slowdown and a super-powerful Octa-core 2.8GHz Snapdragon processing chip.


Samsung Galaxy S7

This is another phone whereby the manufacturers have targeted the games fans by ramping up the processing power – with the Galaxy S7 from Samsung featuring an Exynos 3.5GHz model that will meet the needs of any gaming fan. The 4GB RAM is another big plus point as it eliminates issues of freezing or lagging for games with high end graphics. The screen is also a more than decent 5.5 inches in size, with optimal colour disparity, for viewing such games properly.


iPhone 7

The iPhone models from Apple have always benefited from the fact that some of the best games out there are available only through the App Store, even if some of Apple’s phones didn’t quite match their Android competitors in terms of specs. However the iPhone 7 is offering gamers two different screen sizes, as well as a slimmer 5.1 mm build rather than the 5.9 mm average of early iPhones. On the negative side, the 2GB RAM is considerably less than most rivals while the LED screen technology does not provide quite the same visual quality as AMOLED.


These are five excellent games smartphones, but the LG G5 really does have a slight edge in overall specifications.



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