3 Reasons Merino Wool Makes The Best Undergarments

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What is merino wool, you might ask? Well, this “wonder wool” comes a particular kind of sheep – the merino sheep, obviously – that has been prized for centuries for its many beneficial qualities, its insulation, breathability and supreme comfort. That’s right, supreme comfort – while the common misconception is that all wool products are firm and scratchy, merino wool bucks that trend by offering a satiny, soft touch, perfect for undergarments.

Temperature Regulation

There is a broad range of clothing attire that can be made from merino wool, but one of the most notably (and noticeably) comfortable ways of using this wonder wool is in undergarments; because of its natural properties, Merino wool is a great insulator because, similar to micro-fleece, its fibre has the capability of trapping and dispersing the required amount of heat, making it a great temperature regulating option for your boxer or briefs.


When you’re browsing for undergarments, you have to consider comfort a top priority, and when you buy merino wool underwear that’s exactly what you get;in addition to its aforementioned thermal regulatory characteristics, with air ducts allowing for free flow, (always a plus in the comfort department!) merino wool is a dense yarn with fine fibres that contain very small “scales”, all of which makes it feel incredibly soft.

It’s exactly this breathability andfine fibred structure that makes Merino Wool the absolute best material for the travel undergarments, because it facilitates ease of movement, a quality that becomes especially important when you’re traveling. Most travelers do not want to be hindered by their undergarments, and, in addition to be breathable and comfortable, you can stuff merino wool in your bag with impunity – because of its spring-like fibres, merino wool never wrinkles.


You’re out there in the hot sun, or lugging a bag around: your body is going to naturally produce sweat, developing bacteria, which is responsible for causing odour. But merino wool has your back – the natural properties of the Merino wool have enabled it to have this amazing sweat-wicking ability, thus reducing unwanted smells on the clothing for an extended period. This characteristic makes it doubly suitable for travelers who want to ensure that they look and feel good all day, every day.

Merino wool wear is very convenient for travelers and homebodies alike, not only because the fabric has the sweat-wicking ability but also because it’s light. It’s not bulky like other common fabrics, and therefore it fits well in either a traveler’s luggage or a homebody’s drawer. So, to recap, this wonder wool is a great insulator, (a feature that appeals to travelers who can’t predict the weather conditions of their destination), an unbelievably comfortable fabric, and a sweat-wicking, odour defying gift from heaven. Whether it is in summer or winter, merino wool clothing – especially merino wool undergarments –Is always the most convenient type of clothing, whether you’re wandering the streets of Rome or just lounging at home with a delivery pizza.



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