How to Play Xbox and PC Games on Your Android Phone

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Microsoft is now closely working with Google in their quest to stream games to your mobile phone or tablet. It also added cloud-enabled gaming to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, which also allows players access to hundreds of Xbox and PC titles for a flat monthly fee. It is quite amazing how the gaming space is improving especially when you want to play on an Xbox device.

When it was in development, the latest update to Game Pass was known as Project xCloud, and it allows you to play more than 150 games on your Android phone or tablet. As long as the smartphone is running Android 6.0 or newer and supports Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless Xbox One controller compatibility you are ready to enjoy Xbox gaming via your Android phone.

How it Works

Cloud gaming via Game Pass Ultimate, like Google Stadia, does not actually run the bestaucasinosites game on your Android computer. Your latest Pixel 4A is a great handset, but as it stands it lacks the processing capacity to run Gears 5 without melting into a puddle of steaming slag. That’s where the streaming platform from Microsoft comes in to accommodate your gaming experience.

For you to play and have a good gaming experience you simply need to download the Game Pass app that is available from the Google Play Store.

Is It Worth Trying?

It’s clear that Microsoft has lowered the expectations by shoving the service that comes with casino machine a sous Game Pass Ultimate. Therefore, if you are ready to subscribe or you are a subscriber already you have nothing to lose.

Currently, Game Pass cloud gaming supports around 168 titles from its 392-game collection (as of publish time), which is a noteworthy portion of the library, and both of those games are included in the monthly subscription. Individual games are often required to be purchased with Google Stadia (sometimes at full price).



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