6 Creative Javascript Plugins to Make Cool Website

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If you want to create some impressive and slick web page to impress your friends? Seek no further, there are Javascript plugins for it. We have found 6 javascript plugins that will help to create all the amazing effect easily. These plugins are really good to create online presentation or slideshow and definitely a cool stuff to add to your one page layout. We are pretty sure these plugins can save your time from reinventing the wheel, and a few of them uses CSS3 to create even more cool effect such as rotation.

  • ScrollPath

    It lets you define a custom path for the window to follow when scrolling up and down, and you can also throw rotations into the mix. You draw the path with methods that work exactly the same way as the canvas methods for drawing lines and arcs.

  • Impress.js

    It’s a presentation tool inspired by the idea behind prezi.com and based on the power of CSS3 transform and transition in modern browsers. It’s not an ordinary presentation slideshow you would see, actually, it gave me a wow when I first saw it. Brilliant script.


  • Timeline

    Timeline is also great for pulling in media from different sources. It has built in support for pulling in Tweets and media from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud. More media types will be supported in the future.

  • Reveal.js

    A CSS 3D slideshow tool for quickly creating good looking HTML presentations. Doesn’t rely on any external libraries but highlight.js is included by default for code highlighting.


  • Zoomoz

    Zoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making any web page element zoom. This can be a really cool effect for a portfolio website.

  • Timelinr

    jQuery Timelinr is meant to enhance boring timeline, it supports both horizontal and vertical layout.



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