10 Gorgeous CSS3 Buttons, Ready to Be Used!

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CSS3 is an absolutely awesome web technology in web development. With the addition of gradient, box shadow, text shadow and border radius, it’s now possible to create really nice buttons with just CSS styling and simple HTML markup. We love CSS3 button because it can reduce the web development time. How so? CSS3 button is a few lines of codes, which mean they are fully editable and customizable. You don’t have to use photoshop to create a new button with new caption on it.

One thing you need to worry is IE’s CSS3 support. CSS3 is only well-supported (good enough) in IE9, interestingly it also support vendor specific styles (-moz, -webkit and -o prefixes). So if you’re paranoid about IE7 and IE8 support, you might create a fallback for it.

Anyway, you can create your own, and you can also start using them now by choosing one of the following well-coded and well-designed CSS3 buttons. Basically, you just have to copy and paste them to your CSS file and you are good to go by using the right HTML markup and start replacing your existing image-based buttons with a more flexible, expandable, customizable and editable CSS3 buttons.



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