9 Impressive WebGL Javascript Effect Showcase

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WebGL (Web Graphic Library) is a Javascript API for rendering interactive 3D graphic within any compatible browser without the use of plug-ins. It’s developed by using Javascript and utilise the power of GPU to render stunning graphic smoothly and quickly. WebGL has been available for quite a while and recently there are more and more demonstrations being released in the wild.

Here, we have 8 very impressive and stunning graphic effects made with WebGL and will work in your latest browsers such as Chrome. You will able to see WebGL’s capability of rendering complex particle simulation, gravity simulation and ultra realistic graphic.

  • Supershape.js

    Supershape.js let’s you experiment with the 3D superformula in the browser. Besides the parameter of the formula you can choose betweeen different materials and set the light.

  • HolyMania

    Your are a ball in a twisted tunnel and the tunnel is constantly shrinking. You must not touch tunnel’s edges as long as you can to have the best score possible.

  • Cube

    Travel through a cubic New York, Tokyo and many other cities while learning about the great features of Google Maps. Built with WebGL.

  • Cloth Simulation

    GPU accelerated cloth simulation using WebGL.

  • Reactive Ball

    An experiment with springs, ray casting and environment maps where you play around with a ball that has a liquid metal feel.

  • Lorenz Attractor

    Rather than just pushing the points on at random I thought it’d be nicer to have them render out a Lorenz Attractor.

  • Swiss Addresses in 3D

    Visualizing 3.7 million swiss addresses in 3D using WebGL.

  • Cell Cycle

    Cell Cycle is a webGL design app for creating 3d-printable cellular models.


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